Dhirubhai Ambani, working as an attendant in a small petrol pump, used to go to The Taj to have a tea worth Rupees 20 while his colleagues would drink it at a nearby kiosk which would cost around 2 Rupees. When somebody asked him about why he drinks such an expensive tea, he replied that the tea is only as good as the one worth 2 Rupees available at the kiosks, but he pays extra 18 bucks to drink along with the people who have made it big in life, explore their mindset and duplicate them. Moreover, he wanted to have an experience to know what it feels like drinking a tea or having a breakfast at The Taj. He realized that it’s not about having big ideas, but about keeping the right mindset to become successful and ultimately make a significant impact in the world. Eventually, an ordinary young man without having a formal education built an empire named Reliance which was worth $6 billion (approximately 30,000 crore Rupees) at the time of his death in July 2002.


Out of my own experience of being an entrepreneur for so long and interviewing entrepreneurs who have made it big, I can undoubtedly say that becoming successful is 15% mechanics and 85% mindset. Some would argue that the percentage value is 5 and 95 respectively. Eventually, what these figures highlight is that how you perceive makes a huge impact on what you become. So, if one keeps the ambition to be successful and earn millions, then one needs to think, behave and act like them.


Working on the Law of Attraction

Besides working hard, millionaires train their mind to eliminate negativity from their subconscious by first releasing limiting beliefs about money like “money can’t buy happiness”, and “you’ve to have money to make money” etc. It’s about reprogramming the subconscious mind telling yourself “I’ve everything I need to create anything I want” or “I am feeling excited for I am buying a Mercedes-Benz with the help of persistent profit of 10 lakh Rupees every month”. The key here is to feel the feeling that you’ll have it when you really go to buy one German car or have profits of lakhs persistently over a period. Jim Carrey, the famous movie actor from Hollywood, carried a check of $10 million dated for Thanksgivings 1995. A few months before Thanksgivings the same year, he found out that he was going to make $10 million for acting in Dumb and Dumber.


When you write positive affirmations or read out loud in your mind about being a millionaire, it’s the energy or the frequency that you get aligned to which helps you attract people, the resources and the opportunities to be successful. You become what you believe you deserve because then that’s what you visualize and ultimately manifests it as your reality.

 Thinking out of the league

Elon Musk’s Tesla successfully landed the rocket after launching a satellite. But the point is somebody must have thought about it first considering how much money gets wasted when the rocket is made to crash in water bodies. Currently, Tesla is working on a project to building an electric car which will go 500 miles on a single charge, will be as luxurious as Bentley and perhaps can run as fast as Lamborghini. It’s these kinds of ideas that change the world as we know which brings enormous profits. Think about solving a problem which affects millions, say 10 million. Now, imagine a million of those try your service or a product, and you make a profit of one dollar a person for the solution you’ve provided to them. You know the math. If you want the results only a few people have achieved, then you need to think out of the box and execute your plans in a manner that generally people would not try.

 One distinguished habit that millionaires have is to invest in buying assets, and eventually selling them off when its value increments. As Robert Kiyosaki has very well defined in his best-selling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, that "asset is anything that puts money in your pocket", even when you are asleep. Assets can be anything from a piece of Real Estate to a bond in Stock Exchange. For beginners, it is advised to start small from as low as buying shares worth Rupees 5000, and gradually invest more as you begin to make higher profits.

 Millionaires work on creating a process which keeps operating thereby helping them to leverage hundreds of employees doing a plethora of tasks for them, and eventually fetch billions of profit for them. Millionaires do not work themselves but lay down a process, hire people who can perform effectively, and manage them to take the best out of those.

 Giving up is not an option

Ultimately, no matter how smart you are, there is no substitute for hard work. Sachin Tendulkar kept playing for 22 years before making his dream come true to lift the World Cup for India. It’s all about dedicating every breath in your body to achieve what you desire. There’s a widespread belief in millionaires that if someone has enough passion and madness to pursue his dreams to the extent that a rational person can’t understand about what’s happening, then there is nothing that one cannot achieve.

 Be prepared to handle a lot of rejections and learn to use obstacles to your advantage. Successful entrepreneurs perceive challenge as an opportunity to improve for better and bring innovation in what they do. They don’t allow anyone to tell them that it’s impossible to achieve what they have been dreaming of. They think about the possible achievements they would earn if they work their guts out today inspiring them to reach their goal, and in due course, overcoming the challenge. And to perform well meeting high standards of professionalism, they keep their mind, body and soul aligned to the desired result.

 In the end, luck plays an essential part as well. However, it’s been famously quoted “The harder you work, the luckier you get. I believe that every individual invents or keep rediscovering himself/herself throughout the journey to success he/she embarks upon. It’s only those who, despite the multiple failures, do not give up but continue to tread eventually reaches the top and get to see the beautiful view.



Sarita Chauhan


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Dhirubhai Ambani, working as an attendant in a small petrol pump, used to go to The Taj to have a tea worth Rupees 20 while his colleagues would drink it at a nearby kiosk which would cost around 2 Rupees. When somebody asked him about why he drinks such an expensive tea, he replied that the tea is only as good as the one worth 2 Rupees



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