How to be a Trendsetter!

A trendsetter is one who starts something new and often leads the masses to the new age! Who we are is something that cannot be changed. Being a trendsetter is the requirement of the new age, need of the hour!

Entrepreneurial Journey Starts with…

People often want to become a leader and a trendsetter for those around. Who wouldn’t? There are often those who wish to become the ideal entrepreneur! The first step of any entrepreneurial journey starts from an Idea. An Idea gets you started and looking at all the different possibilities requires you to do a thorough market research, which include the number of potential customers, the pricing, the target segment (the customers that you need for your product or service), the number of people required for catering to the customers and many other such parameters.

After the research comes to the plan itself!

A good plan often tells in detail to the investors what it is that you are trying to achieve and whether the business propositions that you propose are going to take flight! An investor would only be interested in the plan if she/he understands the strengths and weaknesses of the plan that is shown to them after all the investor is there to make money out of it! So it becomes imperative to tell them about the vision that you have for your company and the mission that you are setting up the business for!

A plan without the vision and mission?

A plan isn’t a plan without the vision and mission for as long as the company is! Any entrepreneur should realize that they are not setting up the company for shutting it down soon but for running it for a very long time. So define the vision and the mission of the company as clearly as possible!

Market research

Then come forming the perfect strategies looking at the market research that was done before. Any strategy formed without the market research is gambling with the available resources and often leads to an abrupt end! So it becomes quite essential to put your mind to it and form strategies that actually give you results that you desire!

The right people

Once the strategies are formed, we require the right set of people to take care of the strategies. Any good strategy would go down the drain if the right people are not employed for the strategies. And the way to find the right people is by interacting with many. Interviews should be made in such a way that measures the mental aptitude of a person. There are many who like to pretend who they are not and often this leads to future discords within the management and the team that is formed!

If all of this is done in the correct method anyone can become a trendsetter! Becoming a trendsetter, like any other profession requires dedication, passion, persistence, and patience!

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