What’s in a PLAN?

We all have made plans in the past and we all know the importance of it. But how many plans do we actually make? Is there any particular reason why we should make them? And at what level should they be made?

Should we make a plan for a day, week or month? Or should the plans be made for the whole year? There are many variables that contribute to making a plan for the future but to make an effective plan it is imperative to understand what our objective in making a plan is.

Many out there always say “making plans are all fine and dandy but they never come to fruition!” There are often reasons behind the failure of the plan and can be listed down but are we actually employing the plans for which they were meant to be? There are many specifics that go into making a proper plan.

First and foremost

There needs to be an objective of making the plan. We need a clear and concise objective that needs to be defined and even more so as you move up through the career ladder. The finer the details of the objective the clearer the plan would be.


For making a successful plan we need to define the steps that are going to be taken to achieve the set goals. We also need to have the person fit for the role to handle those activities that we are defining in the plan!


The plan needs to be detailed, specific to each and every activity that needs to be performed! A Successful plan never leaves a doubt in the reader’s mind about the details that have been penned down!

The fourth

Point to remember when finalizing a plan is the priority of the task at hand. A plan works miracles in a sense only if you have listed down the activities in the order of their priority! Any work that has the least priority should be put in the end!

Last but not the least

It needs to be legible, understandable and implementable. Any plan with unrealistic numbers and figures would prove counter-productive and hamper other activities as it would require an extra amount of time, resources and stress on the person trying to accomplish the task.

Once you have the plan in place the only step remaining is implementing it! Remember a good plan is supposed to help you achieve your objectives and not prove detrimental to your growth!

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