01 the beginning: Secret Diary of a Businesswoman

 This dates back to even before my business journey started, probably when I wanted to become an entrepreneur. My age was 20 years then, after asking my father and professors a couple of times; for starting a business and getting the same answers "to get into corporates for exposure and then settle down and then think about it once I am stable". A lot was on my mind and in my heart about being a  businesswoman. This diary was a product of the monologues and inner self-reflection. I will be sharing my diary with you in the form of a series here and a book is into making. Here is a peek into the initial reflection.......

When we are asked to describe the stereotypical entrepreneur, most of us would use the words-passionate, optimistic, decision-making, and so many others.

When I think of these words, I am immediately drawn to these words since they don’t just resonate with me but with most of the women out there. Regardless of what I believe in, I’m sure that one can’t ignore the fact that women are more inclined towards passion, optimism, and perseverance. Although these qualities are not enough to label women as entrepreneurs, there are so many which are more than enough to accept that a woman is born with it. It is not highlighted the way it should be due to biases in our system.

From the moment I can remember, I have been able to keep my grades up while managing to help my mother with the household chores. As I was growing up, I thought maybe this skill is something that I’ve inherited from my mother. When she worked, it was magical, almost robotically, she would juggle between taking care of my siblings and me, helping us with our homework, and supporting my father. And in between all of this, she still found the time to manage her responsibilities as a daughter.  Looking at my mother and other women, I realized that women all over the world, from the moment they are born, are excellent at multitasking. And I have used this to my advantage.   At work, I find it easy to manage two or more tasks (but not a lot of them) and still be on top of them.

There are times when children get into arguments with each other which is when she needs to bring out my nurturing side without it seeming as though I were taking sides. In those moments, I believe it is this quality that has allowed me to be fair and just in making decisions in the workplace too. At home, I have to make so many choices keeping in mind everything that could affect the outcome. And not to mention, the time constraints or the limited resources that I have to make do with. This allows me to find alternatives to solutions sometime. It has also made me a better leader, from being able to prioritize the tasks at hand to be confident in my decisions. Being able to set all my priorities straight, and being able to balance both my personal and professional life has been a crucial step in life. One thing that I have learnt as a woman and as a kid of an army man is to always put in my best efforts into anything I do whether it is home or office. To ensure that I can succeed tomorrow s an entrepreneur, I have to be ready to face any challenges that come my way. I would advise women to do the same- instead of chasing after perfection, try to put quality efforts in your tasks.

So, if you happen to come across a woman who has dreams but has let self-doubt creep in, tell her she’s got almost everything she needs to be an entrepreneur covered. Tell her that she has spent so long trying to bring about a positive change in her personal life, she should now use her skills to create a difference in the world.


The excerpts are from my upcoming book "Secret Diary of a Businesswoman".