Have you ever noticed the difference in our fingers? Each finger is of a different size, ever wondered why? When the almighty was carving humans, he shaped every finger differently because each was supposed to support our actions in a different way but it does not mean at all that the one which is the shortest is the least important and vice versa. Every finger contributes to our activities in its own way. You might be wondering what this has got to do with organization culture or diversity. Well, the same thing implies to employees in an organization too.


Every organization has different set of expectations from different employees, before they finalize the best suited person to fulfil the required roles & responsibilities. The number of people to be hired depends on the nature of job. For instance, for strategizing there may be a Manager or a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and to fulfill the task at the ground level there may be ten Executives or Associates reporting to that Manager or CEO. But the company will definitely not hire ten CEOs, right?


Now let us consider two situations where in company A, in a team of ten employees there are people of seven different origins, race, sex, experience, family background and ethnicity. Then there is a team B, where every employee shares the same background, similar experience, origin, ethnicity etc. There is no deciding that which team is better and which is not. But which team do you think has more potential of bringing new ideas on the table based on different experiences in the past? The probability of new idea generation is definitely high for team A as every individual brings his own experience with him and a different perspective of looking at the same thing.


Today, organizations are in a desperate need of smarter and cost-effective solutions because of high competition and cost of production. So, there is a high need of innovative ideas rather than the traditional ones. This does not mean at all that the traditional way of running a business does not work anymore. It is just that people are moving towards a smarter fit of technology and innovation.

Further, with the new ways of doing business, comes the need of developing a strong organization culture. Your employees are your ambassadors and the reputation of your company depends on what your employees feel while working with your company. A strong organization culture is reflection of organization growth and the path towards a greater vision to bring about an overall change in the society.