If asked what you can do best in, I am sure each one of you would have couple of areas to talk about. But did you ever think, how you can do so well in that area? The answer is simple, it is because you tried. Your forte today or rather area of expertise which you are so comfortable doing was also an unexplored area once, wasn’t it? You must have been scared at one point. But you took that risk anyway and succeeded. Business also speaks the same language, it abides by the same rules. It has its own risks and its own rewards.


You are beyond amazed at times when you see yourself performing well in those activities that you had never tried before. You are also demotivated by the ones where you could not excel. But, whether you exceed or fail miserably is an outcome that you get, only when you are willing to go beyond your comfort zone. Growth happens only when you enrich yourself with new learnings and experiences.


The biggest reason why most people are hesitant to go beyond their normal is fear. What if I don’t succeed? What if I lose a lot of money? Questions like these come naturally when one thinks of trying something new altogether and believe me, this makes a lot of sense. But at that moment, question this to yourself: How will I know unless I don’t try it out? It would be absolutely delightful if you succeed and if you don’t, maybe you come across a plan or an idea that would work for sure. Even if you fail, you are not empty-handed. What you take back is an experience, a true learning.


Being an entrepreneur & managing your own business also involves making difficult decisions and taking risks at some point. It puts you in situations where you are not at all comfortable being. I do not advise you to go for it always. But you should be wise enough to give it a try when you think there’s no better way of doing it. At the same time, what you need to ensure is that you have carefully assessed the risk you are willing to take. This involves checking how many downfalls your business can take without going into loss entirely and preparing a backup plan for your business.

What you need to remember is that we all live our lives but we grow only through the experiences and leanings, we gather along the way. Entrepreneurship is one such profession that tests your limits and checks the extent to which you can push your envelope every time a challenge comes your way. So, extend your boundaries and come out of your comfort zone to make it big tomorrow.