In life, in the job or as an entrepreneur, we are usually not subjected to such scenarios where we panic or get frightened by a situation to death; however, we deal with a certain type of fear that we develop gradually based on our experience and future projections. The fear that I am addressing is the fear of failure. It slowly evolves as a set of demeaning pensive thoughts that we keep running in our minds ceaselessly which leads to self-doubt stalling our progress.

 I concur in the opinion of many successful entrepreneurs that failures are nothing but the stepping stones to climb up the stairs of success. In fact, a lot of them believe that there’s no such thing called as a failure. Robert Kiyosaki aptly puts into perspective saying “sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.” But, here’s some addition I want to make. Failure is something which does not exist, but the fear of failure is real. It breeds in our brain, prevails in our minds and manifests into something which is unbecoming of us. Today, I want you to know that there is a way to overcome this fear, which is, by facing it fiercely. This article describes a few strategies on how you can look into the eyes of fear and face them no matter what your circumstances are.


  1. Have a right attitude

You cannot always take control of the results; however, you can always handle your emotions and take charge of your attitude. Ninety-five percent of a battle is won if you keep showing up every day with a right attitude. Tune your mind with optimism and positivity as you constantly deal with negativity and challenges.


  1. Learn to respond well

Being an entrepreneur is all about facing new challenges almost every other day. It’s up to you how you respond to the situation. You can choose whether to waste time in cribbing and howling when life knocks you down or get up after taking a hard hit and try to explore an opening where you can seize the opportunity, punch back and win the game for yourself!


  1. Broaden your vision

A failure affects the most to someone who regards everyday events as his eventual goal. If you start considering every project as a means to achieve something larger, any unsuccessful attempt won’t matter to you because you would know that the only failure in life is not reaching that eventual goal; everything else becomes a learning experience. So, the more you fail, the more you learn and eventually the faster you succeed.


  1. Never quit too early

Consider your unflattering results as preparation for success. As they say “when you get in line, you got to stay in line”. Out of my personal experience, I can share this that if you’re persistent enough, desired results are bound to happen one day or the other. Do not give up on your dream too soon.


  1. Build character, build competency

Everybody desires success, but it will only come to you if you are capable enough to handle it, or I may say if you can handle rejections before you taste success. Remember, there are 7 billion people out there; somebody somewhere is waiting to say yes to your proposal. You will save a lot of time and effort if you start focusing on the solution rather than the problem itself. Ask yourself, is your fear of failure bigger than your desire to succeed; and then let your mind self-motivate you. As you fail, keep developing new competencies in your work. Subsequently, you will become confident enough to handle any situation on any given day. You need to change the story that you keep telling yourself from “Why I can’t have it” to “I am going to have it”.


  1. Your past does not predict future

One key reason why we, as entrepreneurs, fear to take any step forward at any point in our career is due to being under the influence of our unpleasant past experiences. What we forget to realize is that we have grown a bit from what we were yesterday. If you’ve learned from the mistake, then you would most probably improve your performance. Having failed in an attempt is also a result; at least it tells you that a thing cannot be done in a particular manner. Thomas Edison learned a thousand ways how not to make a bulb before actually making one!