Have you ever noticed something? When you speak instantly you may fumble but when you take a minute to think before and then say whatever you have to, you deliver it with a lot of confidence. Ever wondered why? If a minute’s thought before such a small activity can be of so much impact, imagine the magnitude of the impact caused by hours and days and years put into creating a plan. They leave their marks on the pages of history.
Activities performed after rigorous planning have a probability of delivering better results because these calculate the risks involved in the process and its impact on the expected results. Unplanned activities are based on chance. Lady luck might be on your side once, twice or even thrice but not always. The idea is to understand that not everything in life can be left on chance. The higher the investment made, the higher are the risks involved; consequently greater is the need for planning.


Always try and take some time out from your schedule just for yourself. Check if your efforts are headed in the right direction. Check the returns on your invested time and efforts. If it is justifiable, keep moving the same way, if not, consider revamping your plan. But do plan your activities. 24 hours is all everyone gets in a day. The difference lies in the way of using and extracting the most out of those 24 hours differs.
Sometimes the first step is where most of us are stuck at. We do not know how to plan. It is not at all embarrassing, you know why? It is because the first step is also many times the hardest. When you are stuck, take help. Never ever be shy of needing help. There are a million and one things to learn in life and so less time. So, people will need each other’s help and expertise at some point or the other.
Reaching to a destination at times is more important than how we reached there. It is totally up to individuals to reach there with or without someone’s help. But always remember there are hundreds and thousands of people waiting for the same opportunity, you missing the bus is only be someone else’s gain.