“Selling is a science more than art”

  • Learn the lead generation model which never fails in attracting clients.
  • How to use influence techniques for multiplying your customer base.
  • Retention and Repeat Strategies.
  • How to exceed sales targets through Art of storytelling.

Driving High-Performance Team (Leadership)

“Your target depends on your vision but the output depends on team”

  • Get factual data of your leadership spirit.
  • Experience what motivates people and how can you use this to get results as a leader.
  • Learn how to lead yourself, company goals and team.
  • The strategy required to build and run a team on autopilot.
  • How to drive a team which exceeds its target.

This training covers games and activities which monitor factual data of each person which can be used to make them lead at their best.

Team Dynamics & Achievement Motivation

From "to do" to "become" to "create"

  • Understand who your team comprises of, understand each person in your team well.
  • What drives your performance? How you can integrate task orientation to goal orientation and then benchmark orientation.
  • Learn to work and perform as a team and enjoy rewards as individuals.
  • Integrating the codes and culture in us.

This training comprises of games and activities which monitor factual data of each person which can be used to make them perform at their best.

Build a Dynasty

“Build a dynasty, not just corporation”

  • Have a dynasty in your foundation (Integrate it in your vision, mission, and goals).
  • Creating a culture of ownership, accountability, and trust.
  • Learn how to establish a unique code for your company which can be passed to employees, clients, vendors, and customers.
  • How to make stakeholders your brand ambassadors.
  • Give a multiplier effect to your brand image, marketing, and value proposition.

Grow your Business 10X

"Business is like a love affair, it grows as long as you have passion"

  • Learn no matter where you are, you can grow at 10x speed.
  • Plan your business growth in a way that it grows every day with high target achievements.
  • How to Involve the team in your Growth plan.
  • Learn how to use smart tools for growing business.
  • Global models to adopt for business success.