Kick Start Your Dream

A Holistic approach to commence a business and form a strong mindset to follow it.

A three month intensive program designed specifically for inculcating entrepreneurial mind and focus in totality mind, body, spirit and personality. It aids them to build confidence so as to take charge of their life goals & business objectives and transform individuals to achieve their dreams. The program motivates them to elevate their life to a new level to achieve their dreams and aspirations and become business ready.

Kick Start Your Success Story

Pathway from modest beginning to achievement of your fantastical dream.

Many people despite their vast knowledge, experience and skills, find it difficult to initiate their own business only due to the fear of failing. Those who have the zeal to make their own mark find the constant salary package as a compromise to their aspiration.

In her flagship Kick-Start program she works with people to construct their prospective business. In this 1-year holistic program she makes participants work on business management & strategy as well as their personality grooming to build their own successful business.

Kick Start Challenge

Corrective measures to ensure the business towards right path.

Even after successful launch many businesses fail or do not do well as expected. Despite the great business plan, start-ups struggle in expansion. In Kick-Start advanced, such challenges are corrected, expansion strategies are designed and businesses facing challenges are hand-held for 6 months to 1 year.

The Successful Business Plan

Your very own vision for your future.

A 3-day intensive workshop to help people create a concrete business plan and a road map which when followed shall never fail to reap a profit. This plan also enables the business owner to convince investors to help raise funds and invoke trust in the clients.

Spirit of an Entrepreneur

Getting to Know the Inner You as Your Greatest Resource!

Sarita has helped more than 1000 people take that plunge to start their business. In her 3 days lab, she lets people discover & explore their entrepreneurial traits.

What makes this program special is that the participants are able to understand whether they have it in them- the will & persistence to start a business and follow the journey to make it successful. If not, what do they need to let go, adopt or build within themselves. Sarita conducts this program for corporates as well, looking at improving the team effectiveness leading to maximizing revenues and competitiveness of employees.

Always remember, your greatest resource is inside, remaining all may be arranged, produced or provided.